Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 1

Deep processes and seismic activity

© V.V. Gordienko, 2014

The values of strength, elastic energy, viscosity and time of relaxation of tensions of crustal and upper mantle rocks taking into account their composition, temperature and pressure (depth) for the territory of Ukraine are determined. The connection of the medium properties with the energy class, the seismic moment, the size of the hearth and the relieved earthquake stress is shown. The nature of earthquakes at different depths is considered, the maximal depth and types of endogenous regimes in which such events are possible are set. It was found the influence of absorption of seismic waves energy in the zones of partial melting of crustal and upper mantle rocks in zones of recent activization.

Key words: advective-polymorphic hypothesis, theory of earthquakes generation, continuum mechanics, seismicity.

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