Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 1

Geological-geochemical inconsistency of gas-shale boom

© A.V. Kudelsky, 2014

The so-called shale gas deposits of the USA were found to be both spatially, and structurally- geologically correlated with oil and gas basins containing high heat and energy resources. Considering an extremely low native (or migration?) gas content of shale (from 1,2 to 10,5 m3/t) high recoverable reserves of hydrocarbon gases in their deposition places are due to the "interception" of sub-vertical gas flows from deep-seated zones of the present-day or the geologically recent (according to geological scale) oil and gas generation. In other words, the global shale gas sensation provoked by the USA mass media does not have any substantiation, and an increase of gas extraction in this country is not associated with exploitation of the so-called shale gas deposits, but with development of earlier suspended free gas deposits (for instance Woodford, etc.), and/or with the interception of gas flows from deep-seated zones of recent oil and gas generation and oil and gas deposits of oil and gas basins (Haynesville, etc.).

Key words: oil and gas basins, heat and power potential, the gas flows, gas flows interception, insolvency gazoslantsevoy concept.

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