Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 1

On some peculiarities of generalized rheological body structure. 1

© Ye.M. Bytsan, 2014

The structure of generalized rheological bodies (RB) with arbitrary number of elements was analyzed. It was shown that RBs of certain order are subdivided into quasielastic and quasivis- cous, each having two classes, depending on whether coefficients at stress and deformation in rheological equation have the same order. Peculiarities of connection between elastic or viscous elements and non-degenerated RB were also considered. It was proven that fulfilling the condition of RB balance ð=ðec, is a necessary and sufficient condition of nondegenerated RB, where ðe - difference between the number of elastic and viscous elements, and ðc - difference between the number of parallel and sequential connections in the RB. It was shown that the order of nondegenerated RB is determined by the number of viscous elements it contains.

Key words: rheological body, rheological equation, deformation, stress, relaxation, rank, inelasticity, nondegeneracy, wave field, physical medium.

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