Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 1

Peceneaga-Camena Fault: Geomagnetic insights into active tectonic contact

© L. Besutiu1, M. Orlyuk2, L. Zlagnean1, A. Romenets2, L. Atanasiu1, I. Makarenko2, 2014

11nstitute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy (IGAR), Bucharest, Romania
2 Institute of Geophysics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Received 18 July 2013 Presented by Editorial Board Member V.I. Starostenko

Highly detailed, very accurate ground magnetic investigations were jointly conducted by Romanian and Ukrainian researchers on a segment of the Peceneaga-Camenas Fault (PCF) in order to reveal the potential of geomagnetic method for active faults investigating. The survey succeeded to outline the PCF track in the area covered by recent sediments, and provide insights on the fault structure and in-depth development. 2D numerical modeling has been employed for interpreting the obtained geomagnetic anomaly. Lateral variations in magnetization, as suggested by the model, reveal the complex geological architecture in the area, hidden by recent deposits. The zero magnetization outlined in the central part of the survey lines has been interpreted in geodynamic terms, as a breccias zone created along PCF track by its active dynamics.

Key words: magnetic survey, magnetization, residual geomagnetic anomaly, modeling, faults, geodynamics.

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