Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 2

Structures of horizontal shift of sedimentary basins and experience of application of tectonophysical methods to increase prospecting and exploration efficiency and mastering near-shift oil

© A.I. Timurziev, 2014

The paper shows possibilities of 3D seismic exploration for solving structural problems, tectonic and tectonophysical modeling of East Siberian deposits, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas deposits. Possibilities of improvement of prospecting and exploration methods of HC deposits in West Siberia are based on new ideas on regional manifestation of latest shift tectonics. For deposits of West Siberia, complicated by structures of horizontal shift (SHS) new type of near-shift oil has been substantiated (model of layer-vein saturation deposits) and relations of bore-hole productivity and deformation conditions of compression-extension within the limits of dynamic effects of basement displacements are demonstrated. The model of "compression wedge" and its improvement into "wedge-in-wedge" made possible to substantiate structural features of stretching and permeability of rocks for designing wells with high output at the deposits complicated by the structures of horizontal displacements.

Key words: structures of horizontal shift, deformational conditions of compression-extension, productivity of wells.

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