Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 3

Tectonophysical and palinspatic sections of the Ukrainian Carpathians along the geo-traverse DOBRE-3 (PANCAKE)

© O.B. Gintov, I.N. Bubnyak, Yu.M. Vikhot', A.V. Murovskaya, M.V. Nakapelyukh, V.E. Shlapinskiy.

Results of tectonophysical studies and palinspatic reconstruction of the Alpine orogene of the Ukrainian part of the East Carpathians carried out along the international profile DSS PANCAKE which intersects southwestern part of East European craton, East Carpathians and the Pannonian basin are under consideration. It has been shown that compression forces of southwest and northwest direction which brought to formation of the Ukrainian Carpathians and detected by corresponding regional paleo-tensions began their activity not later than in late Cretaceous. They were accompanied by right and left shifts of the same direction produced by different velocities of northeastward movement of covers parts and skibs. Reconstruction of balanced section of the Ukrainian Carpathians revealed that the primary width of sediments accumulation basin was not less than 460 km i. e. shortening was 340 km, the volume of orogen denudation was 48,1%. The Pennine clippe belt belongs to the Pennine cover produced from the sediments of the single Pennine-Marmarosh basin as a part of the Carpathian basin of sediments accumulation.

Key words: tectonophysic, paleo-tensions, palinspatic, geodynamic, orogene.

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