Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 4

Hydrocarbon potential of great depths and prospects of its mastering in Ukraine

© Lukin A.E.

Recently hydrocarbon potential of the Earth's interior evaluations grows sharply. Apart from unconventional gas sources (shale gas, etc.) this phenomenon is connected with discovery of a number of oil and gas giants at the depths 4,5-10,5 km. Great depths appear to be the inexhaustible source of natural liquid and especially gaseous hydrocarbons. During 1970-1980 Ukraine (Eastern petroliferous region) hand in hand with USA was among the world's leaders in the development of deep-seated petroliferous complexes and increasing of proved reserves at the depths more than 4-5 km. Many important regularities were revealed in Dnieper-Donets depression with elucidation of the reservoirs and seals nature among them. The bulk of proved reserves of great depths are concentrated within the central segment of Dnieper-Donets depression (Dnieprovsky basin) which is situated above the apical part of Dnieper-Donets superplume to be discovered by the investigators of the Institute of Geophysics NASU (according to current Earth sciences concepts such superplumes are considered as ascending flows of hypogene fluids which play a crucial role in generation and evolution of petroliferous basins). The main proved reserves and potential resources of Lower Carboniferous are concentrated here. Their abnormal high density just in this segment are caused by the compromise of these hypogenic factors and basin rocks substratum. Many high-output wells can be bored here. Successful mastering of the great depths hydrocarbon potential within the area of Dnieper-Donets central segment will allow to increase gas production essentially (by 20-25 billions m3) within the next few years and then to go over balanced realization of other geological prospecting directions so as to secure the energy self-sufficiency of Ukraine.

Key words: hydrocarbon potential, petroliferous basins, great depths, reservoirs.

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