Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 4

Kinematics of formation of the Ukrainian Shield during the period 1,80-1,73 Ga ago according to the results of studies of rock fracturing of the Korosten and Korsun-Novomirgorod plutons

© Gintov O.B., Mychak S.V.

Strain-deformed state of the earth's crust of northwestern and central parts of the Ukrainian Shield while jointing the terrains of Fennoscandia and Sarmatia and forming of the Korosten and the Korsun-Novomirgorod plutons of gabbro-anorthosites and rapakivi has been considered here. It is shown that the difference determined by fracturing in the orientation of the axes of the main normal stresses in the formation of the Korosten and Korsun-Novomirgorod plutons in the interval of 1,75-1,8 Ga was according to the fracture formation of the first pluton ahead of the second one at ~10 Ma and Sarmatia turn counterclockwise to 54.

Key words: deformations, tensions, cracks, rapakivi, anorthosites, plutons, rotation of flags.

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