Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 4

Seismic process and up-to-date monitoring systems

© Shuman V.N.

Within the limits of specified views on geomedium as an open hierarchically heterogeneous nonlinear dynamic system the problems of predictability of seismic process and its realization based on the data of up-to-date monitoring systems have been considered and discussed. The processes of self-organization and mechanisms of destruction sources formation in the earth's crust are being analyzed as well as possibilities of their prediction, generation of spontaneous seismoelectromagnetic noise and obtaining information on geomedium properties, conditions of its deformation and the search of possible precursors of the active stage of destruction. It is accentuated that monitoring studies must be conducted on the complex methodic base taking into account an active role of geomedium and its special dynamic states, scale-invariant regularities of seismic process development with initiation of dissipative structures of intensification including those ones created by cooperative behavior of its subsystems. The role and importance of active monitoring of geomedium state is accentuated including its excitability control and the search of synchronization effects, development of special means of observation and data analysis.

Key words: geomedium, seismic process, monitoring systems, precursors of destruction, dynamic systems.

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