Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 4

The structure and evolution of lithosphere of the central part of the northwestern shelf of the Black Sea

© Kozlenko M.V., Kozlenko Yu.V.

Density modeling has been conducted that made possible to specify the structure of lithosphere of the central part of northwestern shelf of the Black Sea.In the section of the profile the boundary between the East European platform and the Scythian plate has been identified, which is the fault inclined southward and located in the upper part of the section about 30 km northward of the Golitsyn fault. At the base of the Karkinitsky flexure a block of reduced subcontinental crust occurs. Under the Jurassic deposits of the Kalamitsky swell a lens has been identified consisting probably of the rocks of the Taurian series. Evolution of the Scythian plate since Paleozoic has been traced by plotted paleostructural section. According to calculations, the folded base was formed during several stages. The structures distinguished by the bottom of the Cretaceous deposits are inherited ones: they were mainly produced and developed within the limits of blocks, which were formed as early as in Paleozoic. The basement of northwestern shelf of the Black Sea and its central part was broken by numerous disjunctives and fault zones, many of them can be traced within sedimentary cover and stretch to the lower levels of crystal crust.

Key words: density modeling, northwestern sheff of Black, paleoreconstruction.

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