Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 4

On the role of wave geodeformational processes in preparation of catastrophic earthquakes

© Rudakov V.P.

In the studies of dynamics of fluids transfer and seismic activity in geodynamic testing areas of the former USSR some regularities of alteration of strain-deformed state of the earth's crust were revealed, which are the basis and predetermine determinancy of the processes of preparation of catastrophic geodynamic events (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions). These regularities are connected with development of wave geodeformational processes produced by corresponding variations of the Earth rotation velocity. It has been shown that catastrophic earthquakes of the recent years, including the earthquake in Japan on 11.03.2011 are within the limits of regularities revealed earlier.

Key words: fluido-dynamics, geodeformational processes, monitoring, catastrophic earthquakes.

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