Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 4

Crustal velocity structure effects on the results of seismic tomography of the Ukrainian Shield

© Shumlyanskaya L.A., Tripolskiy A.A., Tsvetkova T.A.

A model has been plotted according to average velocities in accordance with the data of seismic studies during the period from the 60th of the previous century up to the 2000th of the current one. As a result of analysis of obtained parameters of the earth's crust the stratified-blocky model of the earth's crust of the Ukrainian Shield (USh) has been plotted. The model obtained does not contradict with models known before and is used as a crust correction while the problem of seismic tomography for the mantle of the Ukrainian Shield is being solved. The results presented confirm the dependence of the results of solution of the problem of seismic tomography depending on the degree of brightness of the earth's crust and the necessity to use, if possible, velocity models of the earth's crust while plotting seeismotomographic models of the mantle in future.

Key words: average velocities, blocky structure of the Ukrainian Shield, three-dimensional velocity model of the mantle under the USh.

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