Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 4

Neotectonics of the Belanov ore iron and the Kremenchug uranium deposits area

© Verkhovtsev V.G., Kramar O.O., Yuskiv Yu.V., Krasnov Ye.B., Tyshchenko Yu.Ye.

The present paper describes results of large-scale (1:10 000) neotectonic mapping of the region made on the basis of morphographic, morphometric and aerospace research methods. Active on the latest stage of development linear and circular structures and total amplitude of the vertical motion in the Quaternary period have been distinguished and characterized. Obtained data were certified by measurements of radon emanation comparison.

Key words: neotectonics, up-to-date stage of development, up-to-date geostructure, lineament, lineament system, ring geostructure, total amplitude of Quaternary vertical movements, fault, emanation of radon.

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