Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 5

Studies of anisotropy of dielectric permeability of soil rocks under pressure

© V.G. Sugak, V.N. Bormotov, V.A. Parkhomenko, 2014

This paper presents the results of experimental measurements of anisotropy of dielectric permeability of wet sand samples appearing as a result of applied external pressure in the frequency range 90-150 MHz. The measurements were made on special measuring stand with use of two developed sensors, one of which measures dielectric permeability along the vector of pressure and another one - in perpendicular direction. As a result, the anisotropy coefficient of dielectric permeability of the wet sand samples reached the value of 1,6.

Key words: complex dielectric permeability of soil rocks, anisotropy of electrical characteristics, frequency dispersion.

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