Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 5

Electrical Conductivity of the Earth's Mantle in the "Academic Vernadsky" Station region

© B.T. Ladanivskyy, 2014

In the regional magnetovariational sounding method on the base of relationship between spectra of vertical and horizontal geomagnetic field variations and a priori known structure of the field source, the medium response function is calculated, which interpretation allows to obtain the subsurface conductivity distribution model. Hourly mean values of geomagnetic field components acquired by "Argentine Islands" (AIA) observatory with 13 years of data (1996-2008) were used for calculations. The 1D conductivity distribution model of medium for the "Academic Vernadsky" Station region was obtained as a result of geoelectrical interpretation, which was carried out by numerical methods.

Key words: electromagnetic methods, geomagnetic variations, electrical conductivity, response function, numerical modeling, mantle, Antarctica.

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