Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 6

Analysis and realization of electric measuring channel during magneto-telluric studies

© A.N. Prystay, V.A. Pronenko, V.E. Korepanov, B.T. Ladanivskiy, 2014

The study of deep structure of the Earth is of great interest for both applied (e. g., mineral exploration) and scientific research. The most common method of the electromagnetic (EM) exploration is magnetotelluric sounding (MTS). This method is a passive method of research, which uses a wide range of natural geomagnetic variations as a powerful source of EM induction in the Earth. We believe that the increase of the accuracy of the electric field measurement can significantly improve the quality of magnetotelluric data. The results of the development of new version of the instrument for the measurements of electric field at MTS, with increased relative to the known instruments parameters level are described in the paper and the results of experimental tests of these electrometer as part of the long-period magnetotelluric station LEMI-420 are given.

Key words: magnetotelluric sounding, electrometers.

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