Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 6

Structure of subduction zone of the South Caspian basin and seismicity

© A.H. Zamanova, 2014

The article, based on the data of recent geophysical investigations were analyzed the relationship of strong earthquakes with layers of the Earth's crust in the Azerbaijani sector of the South Caspian Basin. Based on a map of earthquakes and seismic profiles were studied the objective laws of distribution of earthquakes along the area and depth. The northern boundary of the South Caspian basin is differed by high seismic activity. Based on the modern depth data, it is possible to assume that the observed seismicity associated with the processes, the result from the subduction of the consolidated crust of SCB beneath the Epihercynian platform, established on the materials ultra-deep seismometry.

Key words: South Caspian basin, epicenter, hypocenter, earthquake.

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