Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 6

Three-dimensional geological-geophysical lithosphere model of the central part of the Karelian craton

© I.K. Pashkevich, N.V. Sharov, A.S. Savchenko V.I. Starostenko, 2014

On the base of analysis and generalization of total available geological-geophysical information accumulated during forty years passed a complex of geophysical models of the earth's crust has been obtained, which gives up-to-date idea on deep structure of the central part of the Karelian craton. The plotted seismic 3D density and magnetic models define more exactly our notions on stratification of the earth's crust, the behavior of geophysical boundaries including the crust-mantle one. Complex interpretation of potential fields based on seismic model of the earth's crust of the region taking into account petro-physical and geological data, made possible to estimate special features of layered-blocky structure of the region and of structural correlation of sub-longitudinal suture (the fragment of Ladoga-Pechenga zone of multiple activization) in tectonic division and its relation to deep magnetic sources.

Key words: seismic velocity, density model, magnetic model, the earth's crust, M-boundary, Karelian craton

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