Geophysical Journal | 2014 volume 36 6

Recumbent folds and cleavage of tavricheskaya series as structures of early extension in Crimea Mountains

© V.V. Gonchar, 2014

Examples and analyses of recumbent folds of taurian series within the realm of small intrusions of the South coast of Crimea are given, their development in the conditions of vertical pressing/ horizontal stretching at the expense of structures of previous stage of folding has been shown. The occurrence of low-temperature cleavage is characterized in paragenesis with recumbent folding of low-temperature pre-greenstone cleavage, possibility of its development within thermal field of the Ayudag gabbro-diabase massif. According to kinematics of faults in the taurian series orientations of the principal tensions have been reconstructed, which confirm formation of cleavage-folded para- genesis under stretching condition. Affixment of extention regime to the epoch of middle Jurassic arc magmatism is proposed.

Key words: Mountain Crimea, taurian series, recumbent folds, pre-greenschist cleavage, stretching.

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