Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 1

Conditions of ferruginous-cherty formations origin (Middle-Dnieper mega-block)

© O.V. Usenko, 2015

The basic idea of existing hypotheses of ferruginous-cherty formations origin is an opinion that the form of iron presence depends on conditions at the depth of sediments accumulation. It has been shown in this paper with Middle-Dnieper mega-block of the Ukrainian Shield greenstone structures used as an example that composition of volcanogenic and ferruginous rocks is specified by succession of physical-chemical interactions on the roof of the layer with partial melting.

Key words: ferruginous formations, the Archean, greenstone structures, physical-chemical interactions, paleo-geodynamic process, hydrothermal ore deposition, the thickness of litho- sphere.

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