Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 ¹1

Map of absolute gravity fields values in Ukraine and some aspects of its possible interpretation

© V.A. Entin, S.I. Guskov, M.I. Orlyuk, O.B. Gintov,R.V. Osmak, 2015

An electronic map of absolute values of gravity field (Gí) has been plotted for the territory of Ukraine for the first time with application of combined electronic matrices of Buge anomalies in case of the density of intermediate layer 2,3 g/cm3 and the values of altitude marks (the Baltic system). The size of unit cell of the matrix is 1x1 km, the error obtained for the map interpolation Gí for flat country is ±2,1 mGal. It has been shown that the maps of Gí give more complete information on tectonic processes, taking part in the Earth's crust formation because they reflect combined effects of density and relief-producing factors, which are not taken into account while maps of Buge anomalies are being analyzed. Examples have been given of large lineaments of tectonic origin, clearly visible on Gí map and practically unnoticeable on the map of Buge anomalies. Comparison of anomalies of Gí and Buge (2,3 g/cm3) in mountain areas (Crimea, Carpathians) gives an idea of hypogenous nature of gravity objects, and large regional differences of anomalies Gí, which are as big as 950 mGal within the limits of Ukraine must be taken into account while problems of geophysical ecology and compiling meteorology forecasts are being solved. A necessity is being indicated to introduce maps of Gí field to a set of gravimetric materials used for geological-geophysical interpretation. In this connection we propose to introduce in the running regulations for gravity works, and a demand on presenting a map of observed gravity field as a report.

Key words: absolute gravity field, relief, tectonics, environment.

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