Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 1

Kinematics of formation of the western and central parts of the Ukrainian shield between 2,05-2,02 Ga ago

© S.V. Mychak, 2015

On the basis of study of Umansk, Novograd-Voolynsk and Novoukrainsk granitoid massif of western and central parts of the Ukrainian shield by tectonophysical methods intensely deformed state of the earth's crust in the period between 2,05-2,02 Ga has been revealed. The single paleofield of tectonic stress for Nemirovsk and Lelekovsk stages has been restored. A refined scale of deformation stages of the northwestern and central part of the Ukrainian Shield in the time interval 2,45-1,73 Ga has been composed. The idea of counter-clockwise turning the western part of the shield relative to its central part during the interval of 2,05-2,02 Ga is being substantiated.

Key words: deformations, fault zones, geodynamics, Ukrainian shield, granitoid massifs.

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