Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 2

A theory of hydrodynamic tomography

© A.I. Kobrunov, 2015

A problem of the forecast of spatial distribution of effective filtration resistance of permeable layer based on tomography principles is under consideration. Theoretical grounds of hydrodynamic tomography have been elaborated based on the data of hydrodynamic interception and analysis of dynamics of the fixed point on the curve of pressure renewal. Calculating schemes have been designed implementing the algorithm of solving a direct problem for calculation of interval travel time of the fixed point between the boreholes system for the specified distribution of piezoconduc- tivity coefficient, as a problem of travel time minimization along the rays. Algorithm for solving the inverse problem based on the principle of algebraic tomography has been designed. Initial data for realization of hydrodynamic tomography algorithm can be synthesized in addition to direct experiment from the operation model of a deposit trained on its development history.

Key words: filtration resistance, pizoconductivity coefficient, fixed point, interval time equation, hydrodynamic tomography, direct problem, algebraic tomography, regularization, operation model of a deposit, development history.

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