Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 2

Nonlinear dynamics, seismic activity and aerospace sounding systems

© V.N. Shuman, 2015

Processes and phenomena are under consideration, which can be realized from the viewpoint of nonlinear dynamics and are typical for geosystems. Attention is focused on the main features and new possibilities given by the ideas and approaches of nonlinear dynamics for solving applied problems of geophysics. Premises for physical interpretation of spontaneous electromagnetic and seismoacoustic emission as a product of temporally uninterrupted transitional dynamic processes related to interaction of different subsystems of geo-medium as its metastable conditions and succession of such conditions are analyzed. An attempt has been undertaken to analyze lithosphere- atmosphere-ionosphere relations, methods of multiparametric aerospace monitoring of short-term precursors of strong seismic events. Its possibilities and limits are considered and the necessity of integrating passive monitoring systems based on the study of medium-generated emission signals spectra with active ones, oriented to system receptivity control. Baselessness of attempts to give reliable and accurate short-term forecast without studying physics of producing destruction sources and development of deformation process within the Earth's crust during the final stage in a regime with intensification has been noticed.

Key words: spontaneous electromagnetic and seismic acoustic emission, dynamic processes, geosystems, aerospace monitoring.

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