Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 2

Results and analysis of the Earth's tidal observations in the territory of Ukraine

© A.M. Kutniy, V.G. Pavlyk, V.G. Bulatsen, V.G. Golubytskiy, I.Yu. Bogdan,
P.S. Korba, T.M. Babych, V.P. Plys, 2015

1300 monthly series of continuous tiltmeter and gravimetric observations have been processed on 25 earth tide stations of Ukraine. High-precision regional parameters and 5 of the main tidal waves, Love's numbers h and k, differences of amplitude factors of diurnal tidal waves O1 and K1 have been received, which characterize the real physical properties and condition of the Earth's core and promote a choice or construction of its most reliable model.

Key words: earth tides, tiltmetric and gravimetric observations, disturbing factors, analysis of earth tides observations, tidal parameters, Love numbers, resonance of Earth's core.

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