Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 2

Magnetic declination in the territory of Ukraine: the results of observations and calculations

© M.I. Orlyuk, A.A. Romenets, A.V. Marchenko, I.M. Orliuk, I.N. Ivashchenko, 2015

A method to calculate power and angular components of the Earth's magnetic field induction vector is proposed. This method is grounded on the development of 3D model of the Earth's crust and following calculation by it of northern (Bax), eastern (Bay) and vertical (Baz) components of anomalous magnetic field that together with corresponding components (B0, B0y, B0z) of normal field enable to define full values of -, By-, Bz -components of the Earth's magnetic field. Using them the value of horizontal component (BH) as well as the angles of declination D and inclination I of geomagnetic field vector are calculated. The values of magnetic declination D on the territory of Ukraine for the epoch of year 2010 (is changing from -6 to +20) and secular variation for the period of years 2010-2015 (6,0-7,5 min/year) are calculated. The contribution into magnetic declination D of its normal (D0) and anomalous (D) components is estimated. The accuracy of calculated values D is appraised by means of comparison with the values of magnetic declinations measured at magnetic observatories and secular variation stations. For majority of stations the difference is within 3-6 minutes. At the present time the calculation results of magnetic declination D for the period of years 2010-2015 are used by state services of the Ukraine ("UkSATSE", "Topographic service of MoD") to ensure flight security and to compile topographic maps.

Key words: magnetic declination, Ukraine, Earth's magnetic field components.

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