Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 3

Geoelectrical model of the crust and upper mantle along DSS profile Novoazovsk-Titovka across the Donbas

© I.M. Logvinov, V.N. Tarasov, 2015

The results of interpretation of magnetotelluric data, focused on the along DSS profile Novoazovsk-Titovka by the two-dimensional inversion have been presented. On the territory of Donbass allocated 2 properties of low resistance (conductivity anomaly causing Donbass) occurring: in the southern part of the sediment (at a depth of 1-10 km), in the central part (at a depth of 1-18 km) in sedimentary rocks and penetrating into consolidated crust. Total cumulative integral conductivity objects about 3 · 108 S · m. The most reliable object spatially correlates with the coal-bearing rocks of the Carboniferous.

Key words: electrical conductivity, crust and mantle, Donbas.

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