Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 4

Joint use of inverse gravity problem methods to increase interpretation informativity

© .I. Balk, A.S. Dolgal, T.V. Balk, L.A. Khristenko, 2015

This paper offers classification of information types that may be contained in the results of solving inverse gravity and magnetometry problems. There is argued that in terms of this classification most of the known algorithms for quantitative interpretation potential fields are substantially equivalent - none of them can guarantee a higher quality of solution results the inverse problem. It is proved that the main reason such equivalence are scalar criteria pairwise comparison of admissible solutions the inverse problem in order to select the best of them. Proposes several new approaches to the solution of inverse problems, based on alternative mathematical forms of representation the results of interpretation and oriented to objective assessment of opportunities of geophysical methods in the concrete interpretation conditions.

Key words: gravimetry, magnetometry, return problem, an assembly method, the guaranteed approach, localization function, field source

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