Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 5

Special features of distribution of seismic waves propagation velocity in the Earth crust Kirovograd ore area

© O.A. Tripolskiy, V.O. Tripolskaya, O.V. Topolyuk, 2015

Principal possibility of detailed study of velocity characteristics of crystalline Earth's crust in the areas of uranium deposits has been shown. By comparison with geologic data an assumption has been expressed on increased concentration of sodium metasomatites and uranium ores at a depth of 0-4 km. Complicated correlations have been revealed between the velocities in the Earth's crust of uranium deposits and in the areas outside them that is an evidence of special fea-tures of velocity distribution in the Earth's crust of uranium deposits.

Key words: velocity deficit, Earth's crust, uranium deposits, Kirovograd ore area.

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