Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 5

Deep seismic studies in the southeastern Fennoscandian Shield

© N.V. Sharov, 2015

The modern concept of the deep structure of the Earth's crust of the Ladoga-Bothnian zone, based on analysis and summing-up of all available information obtained in the latest 35 years, is presented. Tomographic models were constructed, our concepts of the stratification of the Earth's crust and the geometry of seismic boundaries were revised and the plunging of the crust-mantle boundary to 64 km was revealed. The comparison and integrated interpretation of CDP sections, multi-wave DSS and ECW sections and geological data show that the results obtained by seismic methods differ markedly. However, data obtained by all methods are essential for geological interpretation, because they emphasize various environmental characteristics.

Key words: seismic velocities, Earth's crust, M-discontinuity, Ladoga-Bothnian zone, upper mantle.

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