Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 5

Investigation of micro-seismic phenomena of anthropogenic origin

© V.M. Zdeshchyts, O.A. Kalinichenko, P.I. Pigulevskyy, B.I. Rybalko, S.V. Shcherbina, 2015

The results of measurements of parameters of macroseismic effects in the mine "Artem-1" "ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog" at a depth 1005 m that accompany changes in the state of the rock mass have been considered. Frequency spectrum of acoustic phenomena of anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic origin has been determined. Preliminary classification of atypical micro- seismic phenomena in the mine has been conducted. Brief analysis of the data set forth has shown that duration of works on registration of seismic events of different types in the mine is insufficient. For complete understanding of the large amount of problems and guaranteeing protection and security from dangerous seismic phenomena of technical origin, which often occur in mining zones of Krivoy Rog these works should be uninterrupted.

Key words: mine, micro-seismic crack, micro-earthquakes, landslides, dips.

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