Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 5

Earthquakes in the Dnieper-Donets aulakogen

© V.V. Kutas, Yu.A. Andrushchenko, V.D. Omelchenko, A.I. Lyashchuk, I.A. Kalitova, 2015

Results of analysis of the wave pattern and spectrograms of seismic events in the Dnieper- Donets aulakogen registered by a group of stations of the Main center for special control of have been presented. The sources of the earthquakes with magnitude mb = 3,0; 4,5 are situated at a depth of 3-10 km at the boundary of graben zones: the central zone and the southern one adjacent to the edge near Poltava city and also on the northern fault near Lebedyn city of Sumy district. Relationship of local seismicity and special features of the earth crust structure in these areas of aulakogen revealed according to geological-geophysical data has been considered.

Key words: local seismicity, industrial explosions, earthquake epicenters.

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