Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 6

Seismoelectromagnetism and spatio-temporal structures

© V.N. Shuman, 2015

New ideas, approaches and methods of modern seismology are being considered, which are focused on highly organized spatio-temporal structures in dissipative media far from thermodynamic equilibrium, auto-structures in particular. Some details of studies conducted and some of their consequences, which were paid not enough attention but which might be decisive to conduct further studies are being considered. In this case, instead of widespread understanding of seismic- ity as a fundamental consequence of evolution of geo-systems toward the state of self-organized criticality limited to the framework of systems with anomalously slow dynamics, its interpretation as meta-stable states of geo-medium and the succession of such states is under consideration. The essence of new approach is a paradigm of transitions of spatial shapes in heterogenous multi-scale hierarchically organized active geo-medium, which are reflected in the spatial structure of spontaneous emissions of lithospheric origin - seismic and electromagnetic ones. Here the problems of the theory of transitions of spatial shapes instead of known problems of the theory of bifurcations of dynamic systems are brought to the fore. The role and impact on dynamic processes running into geo-medium of noise of different intensity and chromaticity, which promote induction of the regimes of its functioning, impossible to be realized without are being accentuated. Possible and visible applications of the proposed approach are being discussed.

Key words: seismicity, seismic process, self-organized criticality, auto-wave processes, auto- structures, spontaneous emissions, predictability of geo-systems.

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