Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 6

Geoelectric anomalies of the Ukrainian shield and their relation to mineral occurrences

© T.K. Burakhovich, I.Yu. Nikolaev, E.M. Sheremet, B.I. Shirkov, 2015

Results of modern experimental electromagnetic studies completed during 2005-2014 along 13 profiles located mainly within suture zones of the USh have been given. The main result of geoelectric studies of the USh is the revealing of numerous local and regional anomalies of electric conductivity according to the data of 3D modeling, the presence of low-resistance deep anomalies, confined to zones of metasomatism along extensive fault zones; conjugation of low-resistance anomalies with metallogenic ore knots and geochemical anomalies.

Key words: electromagnetic experimental study, anomalies of conductivity, zones of deep faults, Ukrainian shield, mineral occurrences.

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