Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 6

To the problem of engineering construction territories assessment based on local natural and technogenic factors (Reni district, Odessa region as an example)

© P.V. Zhyrnov, 2015

This article is devoted to the problem of influence of local natural and technogenic factors on the engineering geological conditions change of building sites, the Reni district of Odessa region as an example. In the article the analysis of geomorphological, tectonic, lithological, hydrogeological, geodynamic factors in the limits of Reni district has been done that determines the definition of building sites as ones of the complicated category by engineering geological conditions . Taking these factors into account helps to carry out more precisely and qualitatively engineering geological zoning of research area and to allocate especially dangerous sites for construction development.

Key words: engineering-construction assessment, engineering-geological zoning, natural factors, technogenic factors, dangerous geological processes.

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