Geophysical Journal | 2015 volume 37 6

Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis of Moldova and adjacent territories

© R.Z. Burtiev, 2015

A new approach to seismic hazard assessment is proposed. It means that in a certain location of the Earth's surface during the time t will occur a certain number n of shakes and m of them with intensity Ik. The algorithm of seismic hazard estimation in terms of macroseismic scale and "EURO- CODE 8" standard is elaborated. The cluster analysis has identified in Romania 13 seismic zones. To define the distribution of earthquakes parameters the Markov model of identified seismic zones of seismicity is constructed. The PSHA of Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova territories on the basis of ROMPLUS catalogue is carried out. Key words: Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis, EUROCOD 8, markov model of seismicity.

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