Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 2

Influence of resonance and nonlinear properties of soils on seismic hazards of construction areas

© A.V. Kendzera, Yu.V. Semenova, 2016

The article discusses the need to take into account the resonance and nonlinear phenomena in soils for the seismic micro zoning of building and operating sites. Resonance and nonlinear phenomena are closely related to each other and depend on the structure of the medium under the site, and the intensity of seismic effects. Examples of what these phenomena are a common cause of destruction and damage of earthquake-resistant structures during earthquakes are presented. The methods that allow at a modern level to count the frequency characteristics of soil models taking into account its non-linear and resonance properties are reviewed. The results of the comparative analysis of theoretical calculations of the frequency characteristics of soil layered models with different thickness and different seismic properties are supplied. It has been shown that appearance of the nonlinear properties of the soil depends on its physical properties and stress condition. A comparison of the calculated frequency characteristics of ground systems taking into account the rheological properties for a variety of construction sites in the Odessa area in Kiev town are provided. The influence of various factors on the spectral contents and the value of oscillation of the upper section of the geological environment at the construction site are analyzed. The conditions of occurrence in it of dangerous resonance phenomena are formulated.

Key words: seismic microzonation, nonlinear soil behavior, resonance properties of soils, frequency characteristics of soils, equivalent linear model.

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