Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 2

Magnetic field and dike belts of eastern Azov block of the Ukrainian shield

© M.I. Bakarzhiyeva, A.V. Marchenko, T.V. Rozygan, E.P. Gadyatskaya, V.V. Drukarenko, 2016

The article analyzes the pattern of displaying of the geological structure of multiphase intrusive arrays of the Eastern Azov region introduction in a magnetic field. Features of deep structure are discussed including data from DS seismic profile Taganrog-Kirovograd, relief of Moho discontinuity, regional satellite images and faults of the Eastern Azov area. The main feature of the area studied is high saturation by the dykes of different age and composition. Spatial analysis of dykes swarms concentration of accommodation and its relationship with inhomogeneities of crust deep structure was completed. Geochemical properties of the dyke rocks and their relation to the magnetization were analyzed. The anomalous magnetic field is subdivided into regional and residual components. The quantitative analysis of the anomalous magnetic field and their components was done to allocate magnetic-lineaments for the study area. It is demonstrated, the result of magnetic modeling of the Maloyanisolsky and the Kamennomogilsky dyke swarms of Eastern Azov area.

Key words: Eastern Azov block, magnetic anomalies, magnetic-lineaments, magnetic model, dykes.

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