Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 2

Interaction of acoustic and electromagnetic field in a mixture of electrolytes

© L.M. Kuzmina, V.M. Rylyuk, M.I. Skipa, 2016

Nonlinear mechanism of interaction of acoustic and electromagnetic fields is considered. It is shown that the sound wave propagating in a mixture solution of electrolytes is able to induce alternating electromagnetic fields of the acoustic range and the presence of an external source of electromagnetic radiation in the region of the sound wave propagation leads to the appearance of additional acoustic harmonics. The strength of the induced magnetic field and the magnitude of sound pressure of harmonics are calculated. The conditions of the magnetic acoustic resonance, which leads to the appearance of the constant magnetic field and the sound pressure of additional acoustic harmonics, are considered.

Key words: acoustic and electromagnetic fields, sound wave, resonance frequencies, nonlinear interaction.

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