Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 3

Structural-petrophysical and tectonophysical base of geological map of crystalline basement of the central part of Golovanevsk suture zone of the Ukrainian Shield

© O.B. Gintov, V.A. Yentin, S.V. Mychak, V.N. Pavlyuk, V.V. Zyultsle, 2016

One of the most important areas of geological and geophysical studies of the Ukrainian Shield (Ush) - estimation of the prospects of the Golovanevsk suture zone (GSZ) for the ferrous, non-ferrous, precious and rare metals and diamonds has been considered here. The central part of GSZ (CPGSZ) is an essential part of the Pobuzhya mining area. The Earth's crust of the CPGSZ (Pervomaisk-Golovanevskiy-region) is transpierced with mafic-ultramafic intrusions and extrusions, in paragenesis with which there are iron-carbonate ore series and ferruginous quar- tzites, chromite-bearing peridotites. The CPGSZ is currently the most promising and uniform throughout the central and western parts of the Ukrainian Shield region with wide occurrences of gold mineralization. In addition, manifestations of platinoids, rare earths, yttrium, uranium, manganese, titanium, tungsten, copper, molybdenum, apatite, sillimanite, vermiculite, serpenti- nite refractories, dinas quartzites, primary kaolin, mineral waters are found within this area. Pyrope and diamonds are also met in schlich samples collected in the basins of the Southern Bug, Sinyukha, Yatran rivers.
  It is shown that the reasons of weakly efficient search operations conducted in the region are not only in an extremely weak state of their financial support, but also in the absence of an updated concept of the geological structure of the GSZ. Geological maps of scale 1 : 50 000, built on the results of the survey made here in the 1960-1970th, were based on outdated petrological data. Maps in the scale 1 : 200 000, built later on the structural-formational basis, do not reflect in enough details the real composition of geologic complexes, as they insufficiently use the possibility of detailed geophysical surveys. The area of CPGSZ is poorly lit by the data of the present isotopic-geochronological studies.
  It is proposed to begin evaluating CPGSZ prospects for building an up-to-date geological map of its crystalline basement on the basis of the present petrographic, petrological, geoche- mical and geophysical data, as well as current isotopic age of rocks. The article presents the structural and petrophysical, and tectonophysical basis of such a map that reflects the geological and petrophysical taxa and structural and kinematic data for the surface of the Precambrian basement in the region. The principles of the construction of the foundation and a brief analysis of its content have been developed here.

Key words: Ukrainian Shield, Medium Pobuzhye, geological map, petrophysics, tectono- physics, ultrabasites, iron ore, diamonds.

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