Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 3

Zoning of the Bazhenov suite and clinoforms of Neocomian according to the density resources of shale and primaryly-accumulated oil (Nurol megadepression as an example)

© V.I. Isaev, G.A. Lobova, A.K. Mazurov, A.N. Fomin, V.I. Starostenko, 2016

Complex representation of the methodology, of search criteria and basis for the use of data of Geothermal technology for solution of the problem of forecasting oil and gas potential has been given. The technology is based on the method paleotemperature modeling, allowing to reconstruct the thermal history of maternal deposits and allocate geothermal criteria and mapping the source of oils generation. The resource estimate is determined by an integral indicator, which is directly dependent on the time of maternal suite location in the main zone of oil generation and on geo-temperature of the zone. Perspective areas and plots for search of the shale (accumulated in situ) Bazhenov oil and of primaryly accumulated oil of terrigenous Achimov Neocomian reservoir Nurol megadepression (Western Siberia) have been identified. Consistency of zoning has been argued by the oil shows and flows of oil in deep wells of the intervals of the parent rocks and clastic reservoirs. Shale resource potential of the Bazhenov Formation and difficult-to-determine resources of Neocomian are the subject to priority economic development in accordance with the new strategy of development of hydrocarbon resource base of the Russian Federation.

Key words: Bazhenov suite, the main zone of oil generation, shale oil, Achimov reservoir, paleotemperature modeling, resources, search, Nurol megadepression.

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