Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 3

Relationship of climate changes with geomagnetic field. P. 3. Northern and Southern hemispheres

© N.A Kilifarska, V.G. Bakhmutov, G.V. Melnyk, 2016

Differences of relations between geomagnetic field and climate for Northern and Southern hemispheres considered earlier have been shown. They are connected, first of all, with the depth of penetration of the charged particles into the Earth's atmosphere, modulated by geomagnetic field and their impact on the ozone balance near the tropopause. In the Northern hemisphere ozone formation in the lower stratosphere occurs during ionic-molecular autocatalitic cycle of ozone production, initiated by GCR, and in the Southern one - as a result of "self-restoration" of ozone initiated by solar energetic particles. Explanation of the observed simultaneous warming in the Western Antarctica and the fall of temperature in the Central and Eastern Antarctica has also been presented.

Key words: geomagnetic field, climate, mechanism of relation.

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