Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 4

Paleoclimatic factors of reconstruction of thermal history of parent petroleum bazhenov and togur suites of southeast of West Siberia

© V.I. Isaev, A.A. Iskorkina, G.A Lobova, A N. Fomin, 2016

The Regions of the West Siberian oil and gas province have unique paleoclimatic features:

  • Mesozoic-Cenozoic secular course of temperature, individual for regional paleoclimatic zones;
  • different scale processes of formation and degradation of Neopleistocene permafrost sections;
  • zonal and periodically forming late Quaternary ice sheets.

The purpose of research is to assess the influence of factors of paleoclimate (secular temperature course on the earth's surface and Neopleistocene permafrost strata) on the calculated geothermal regime of parent oil-source suites that determines the calculation of the density of hydrocarbon resources by three-dimensional-genetic method. The objects of research are the Bazhenov and TOGUR deposits of Mesozoic and Cenozoic section, stripped by deep wells in the south-east of West Siberia (North Festival and Luginetskoye hydrocarbon deposits of Tomsk region).

Key words: paleoclimate, geothermal regime, the Bazenov and Togur deposits, resources, West Siberia.

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