Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 4

Correction of velocity profile by the method of imitation of annealing

© M.A. Lazarenko, O.A. Gerasimenko, 2016

Reversal of hodograph in 2D formulation, obtained by finite-difference solution of eikonal has been put into practice by the method of imitation of "annealing" in the problem of combinatorial optimization for uneven and interrupted functions. Hodographs of seismic studies of DSS of the territory of Ukraine (profile DOBRE-5) have been used as a target function. Velocity function of the medium was restored by two-dimensional published models of P-waves velocities. Refinements of optimal functioning of the algorithm of "annealing" imitation and of regime of initial function filtration during the process of minimization of the function of losses value are presented in details.

Key words: method of imitation of annealing, "eikonal" equation, finite-difference valuation, minimization of function of losses, combinatorial optimization, arrivals of longitudinal waves, solution of direct problem, DSS, function of the losses value, iteration, hodograph.

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