Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 4

Results and analysis of earth tide observations with the borehole tiltmeter in Poltava

© A.M. Kutnyy, V.G. Pavlyk, .M. Babych, V.P. Plys, 2016

Results of harmonic analysis of eight years earth tides observations with the borehole tiltmeter of the Poltava Gravimetric Observatory are presented. Hight-precision parameters of the main tidal waves and Love's numbers h and which practically coincide with similar data from tiltmetric and gravimetric observations in 25 stations of Ukraine are received. The azimuthal inequality of a factor in the NS and EW directions isn't revealed. Resonant influence of the liquid core of Earth coincides with calculated theoretically.

Key words: borehole tiltmeter, earth tides, tiltmetric observations, harmonic analysis, tidal parameters, Love's numbers, resonance of the Earth's core.

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