Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 5

Local magnetic anomalies of Middle Kur depression of Azerbaijan and its geological interpretation

© V.G. Gadirov, K.V. Gadirov, M.A. Bekirov, 2016

The nature of magnetic field, and its local components in the Middle Kur depression of Azerbaijan have been analyzed to clarify the distribution of magnetically active magmatic rocks in the plan and in the geological section. It has been shown that magnetic field intensity in the region varies in a wide range of up to - 400 nT + 700 nT. It has been found that the positive local magnetic anomalies are detected in the region where the drilling of deep wells revealed volcanic rocks such as andesite, basalt, dacite having high magnetic susceptibility. The local magnetic anomalies show the local distribution of magmatic rocks in the region. With increase in the radius of averaging and, accordingly, the depth of studies the intensity of positive magnetic anomalies increases that is interpreted as an increase of mass of magmatic rocks with depth. It is shown that the results of magnetic survey can be used to predict the distribution of magmatic formations in the Middle Kur depression.

Key words: magnetic survey, local anomalies, magmatic formations, the spatial position, the Middle Kur depression.

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