Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 5

Micromagnetic survey of the Big Belsky site of ancient settlement of the Scythian time in Poltava oblast

© M. Orlyuk, R. Rolle, A. Romenets, B. Ullrich, H. Zollner, 2016

Micromagnetic observations have been carried out on the territory of Great Bel'sk ancient settlement of VII-V centuries B.C. (after academician B.A. Rybakov it is hypothetically the city of Gelon). Their purpose was to map and to identify local archeological objects. The mapping and the interpretation of induction module anomalies of B geomagnetic field and its vertical gradient dBz/dr allowed to reveal and to identify as well as to study inner structure of Western Hillfort, Lysovyi Kut, the banks, the stoves and the tumuli of different types including the ones demolished during farm works. The same is the greatest of revealed tumuli - "Skorobor" with the diameter of 100 m. Close to the range of tumuli as well as alone the Western fortification banks it was discovered the stretched-out magnetic anomalies of one-, two- and three- circled forms. The excavations of these objects revealed its correspondence to the stoves. Chemical and mineralogical research permitted to suppose that they were used to burn a saltpetre in XVI-XVII centuries.

Key words: micromagnetic survey, Great Bel'sk ancient settlement, archaeological objects, mound necropolis.

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