Геофизический Журнал | 2010 том 32 №4

  1. Amber Harris, Chris Kincaid What is a "Typical" Mantle Plume?
  2. Antsiferov A.V., Dovbnich M.M., Kanin V.A., Viktosenko I.A. The nature and prediction of regional zoning for dynamic phenomena in mines of the Donets Coal Basin
  3. Astafurov S.V., Shilko E., Sergeev V., Panchenko A., Psakhie S. On the influence of deformation mechanisms of different scales on regularities of response of shear fault zones under nonequiaxal compression loading
  4. Astafurov S.V., Shilko E., Grigoriev A., Panchenko A., Psakhie S. Computer-aided investigation of fault zone deformation response to low-amplitude dynamic mechanical actions
  5. Azimov O.T. Recent stress deformation in disjunctive zones on the base of remote sensing data
  6. Bakhmutov V., Solovyov V., Korchagin I., Levashov S., Yakymchuk N., Bozhezha D. Drake Passage: crustal structure, tectonic evolution and new prognosis for local HC accumulations along the Antarctic Peninsula margin
  7. Belyi T.A., Pirnach G.M. Numerical study interaction between entropy and cloud and precipitation
  8. Bobrov A.M., Baranov A.A. The effect of variable viscosity in the Earth's mantle on the stress field of the mantle and an overlying continent, moving self-consistently due to mantle flow
  9. Bogdanov Y.A., Kvasnyuk A.I., Kobolev V.P., Loyko N.P., Rusakov O.M., Pavlovych V.M., Shuman V.M. First instrumental recognition of the Earth eigenmodes in radio frequency electromagnetic radiation
  10. Bogdanova S.V., Postnikov A.V., Trofimov V.A. The exotic Volgo-Uralia: circular-and-linear structures of the crystalline crust defined by Palaeoproterozoic mantle upwelling
  11. Boychenko S. The scenarios of repeatability of catastrophic climatic phenomena in Europe and Ukraine under the influence of climate changes (with use of historical records and manuscripts for the last millennium)
  12. Burmin V.Y. Distribution of elastic parameters in the Earth's core
  13. Busygin B.S., Nikulin S.L., Zatsepin E.P., Garkusha I.N. The methodology of operative prognosis of hydrocarbons by gravity-magnetic and space data
  14. Cao Dinh Trieu, Starostenko V., Tsvetkova T., Legostaeva O., Zaets L., Pham Nam Hung, Bui Anh Nam, Le Van Dung Lithosphere structure of Vietnam and adjacent territories based on seismic P waves tomography and gravity
  15. Danylenko V.A., Skurativskyy S.I. Autowave solutions of a nonlocal model for geophysical media taking into account the hysteretic character of their deformation
  16. Diament M., Mikhailov V., Panet I., Pollitz F. What does Grace satellite mission tell us about seismic cycle?
  17. Dimaki A.V., Shilko E.V., Dmitriev A.I., Zavsek S., Psakhie S.G. Numerical study of dynamic phenomena in the coal seam with taking into the account the influence of gas filtration and diffusion
  18. Dovbnich M.M., Demianets S.N. Geodynamic and geotectonic position of the geoisostatic stress fields of seismically active segments of Ukraine
  19. Drevitska O.O. The seasonal location of the core of the Earth – is an important geodynamic factor of the planet
  20. Drozdovskaya A. Geoenergogenerated dynamic cataclysms as the launch mechanism of the origin and evolution of the terrestrial life
  21. Dubovenko Y., Chorna O.A. On the ambiguity of 4D gravity monitoring of geological media
  22. Dushan Majcin, Milan Hvozdara, Dushan Bilcik Heat flow refraction on structures with conductivity contrast
  23. Dushan Majcin, Miroslav Bielik, Miroslav Kral Thermal state of the West Carpathian lithosphere - measured data and modelling results
  24. Fialko Yuri Shallow coseismic slip deficit due to large (M7) strike-slip earthquakes
  25. Foley Bradford, David Bercovici, William Landuyt The onset of plate tectonics on super-Earths using a damage rheology
  26. Galvan Boris, Stephen Miller Anefficient CPU-GPU simulation of evolving fracture network sinaporo-elasto-plastic medium with pressure-depend entpermeability
  27. Goncharov A. Thermal conductivity of the deep Earth's Minerals
  28. Gryn' D.M., Mukoyed N.I. Separation of thin layered geological medium fields
  29. Groza O., Groza V. Earthquake as Kinetic Process
  30. Gusev Vladimir The atmosphere heating due to wideband acoustic and shock waves propagating
  31. Hofmeister Anne M. Accurate deteriminations of vibrational and radiative thermal transport in perovkite, rocksalt, and related structures
  32. Jelenska M., Kadzialko-Hofmokl M., Bakhmutov V., Poliachenko I., Ziolkowski P. Identification of magnetic carriers of original and secondary NRM components recorded in Devonian sediments from Podolia, SW Ukraine
  33. Karpeev D.A. GPU support for sparse matrix calculations in PETSc, with applications to nonlinear Stokes
  34. Kendzera O., Lesovoi Y., Amashukeli T., Farfuliak L., Semenova Y. Lessons for Ukraine about recent strong earthquakes in the world
  35. Khazan Y., Aryasova O. Melt segregation and matrix compaction: closed governing equation set, numerical models, applications
  36. Klymkovych T., Rokityansky I., Horodyskyy Y., Isac A. High resolution study of temporal variations of induction vectors
  37. Knox Mike Richard, Paul R. Woodward Interactive Visualization of Large-Scale Numerical Simulations with GPU-CPU Systems
  38. Kobolev V., Orovetsky Y. New system of views on the Earth structural evolution: beyond plate tectonics
  39. Korchin V.A. Low velocity zones in the Earth's crust
  40. Kostuk A., Yunga S. Comparison results of geodetic and seismic assessment of the Earth's crust deformation process (by example of the Tien Shan)
  41. Kulik S., Burakhovich T. Electric Conductivity of the Earth's Crust in the North-Eastern Part of the Alpine-Himalayan Orogenic Belt
  42. Kurilenko V., Petrova E., Gusynina T. Towards the problem of genesis of Pripyat-Dnieper-Donetsk avlacogen
  43. Kuskov O.L., Kronrod V.A., Prokofyev A.A. Constraining the composition, density and thermal state of the lithospheric mantle of the Siberian craton from inversion of seismic data
  44. Kutas R.I. Surface heat flow and thermal structure modelling of the lithospere in the Black Sea region
  45. Kutinov Y.G., Chistova Z.B. Reflection of tectonic structures of platform cover of the North of Russian plate in atmospheric field, character of geomagnetic variations and deep's decontamination
  46. Kuzikov S. Geodetic estimations of the modern motions on Tien Shan
  47. Kuzin A.M., Shumlyanska L.A. Some common features in the picture of distributions of elastic heterogeneities of the crust and upper mantle of the Northern Caucasus accordingly to the earthquake converted-wave method, the deep seismic sounding and seismology
  48. Lapusta Nadia Interaction of earthquakes and slow slip: Insights from fault models governed by lab-derived friction laws
  49. Lazarenko M.A., Korolev V.O. Neural network for seismic shaking intensity modeling
  50. Liashchuk O.I. Technical and algorithmic complex of monitoring of the dangerous geodynamics phenomena
  51. Maksymchuk V., Orlyuk M., Tregubenko V., Horodyskyy Y., Nakalov Y., Myasoyedov V. Results of the geomagnetic survey on the Ukrainian repeat stations network for the 2005 year epoch
  52. Maksymchuk V., Horodyskyy Y., Marchenko D. Secular variation of the geomagnetic field in Europe for the 1985-2005 years
  53. Marchenko A., Orliuk M. 3D magnetic model of the East European Craton and its effect at near-surface and satellite heights
  54. Maslov B.P. Dispersion and scatter of elastic waves in a pre stressed and fractured geological medium
  55. McArthur Elizabeth., Robin M. Weiss, Dave Yuen, Mike R. Knox WebViz: A web-based collaborative interactive visualization system for large-scale data sets
  56. Medvedev S. and "The African Plate" working group Estimating the stresses within the lithosphere: parameter check with applications to the African Plate
  57. Milanovskiy S.Y. Kola Super-deep - evidence of fluids in the Crust
  58. Milanovskiy S.Y., Nikolaevskiy V.N. Fracturing of the Crust - Geological and Geophysical View
  59. Morra Gabriele, David A. Yuen, Fabio Cammarano Boundary element method applied to plume dynamics
  60. Mostovyy V., Mostovyi S. Mathematical model of ageing of natural and manmade objects in monitoring systems
  61. Muraveynyk J.A. Big bang modelling in core of the Earth and origin of oil and gas
  62. Mychak S., Farfuliak L. Strain state and crustal deformation in the central part of the Ingul megablock of the Ukrainian Shield according to structural data on the Novoukrainka massif and the Subbottsy-Moshoryno fault zone
  63. Mykulyak S. Computer modeling of nonlinear dynamic processes in structured geophysical media
  64. Myrontsov M. Method for improving the spatial resolution of resistivity logging
  65. Myrontsov M. Efficient method for solving the resistivity sounding inverse problem
  66. Nazarevych A.V., Nazarevych L.Ye., Nasonkin V.A., Boborykina O.V. Extensometric researches in Ukraine: methods, instruments, results
  67. Nielsen S.B., Petersen K.D., Clausen O.R., Stephenson R.A., Gerya T.V. Small-scale convection produces sedimentary sequences
  68. Orliuk M.I. Nature of sources of the magnetic anomalies in the Central Depression of the Dnieper-Donets Aulacogen
  69. Orliuk M.I., Romenets A.O., Sumaruk Yu.P., Sumaruk T.P. Spacial-temporal structure of the magnetic field in the territory of Ukraine
  70. Parphenuk O.I. Granitoids localization in collisional overthrust structures subject to thermal conditions- numerical modeling
  71. Pavlenkova N., Pavlenkova G. Seismic structure of the upper mantle and problems of geodynamics
  72. Robert I. Petersen, Dave Stegman Scaling and Performance Analysis of Underworld: Towards the One Billion Particle Target
  73. Pogorelov V.V., Baranov A.A., Alekseev R.A. Stress modeling in the Central Asia crust, importance of gravity stresses
  74. Prykhodchenko O., Karpenko I. Main tectonic regularity in the structure of continental margins
  75. Psakhie S.G., Shilko E.V., Astafurov S.V., Dimaki A.V., Ruzhich V.V. Model study of influence of internal stresses on deformation and seismic processes in convergent plate boundary zones by the example of Lake Baikal ice cover
  76. Pysklywec R.N., Ellis S.M., Gorman A.R. Three-dimensional mantle lithosphere deformation at collisional plate boundaries: a subduction scissor across the South Island of New Zealand
  77. Rebetsky Y.L. Rocks with elasticity in mantle convection
  78. Rokityansky I., Klymkovich T., Babak V., Savchenko T. Seasonal variations of induction vectors
  79. Rustad Jim Molecular Paleoclimatology: Quantum Chemistry and the History of the Earth's Atmosphere
  80. Sakuraba Ataru Numerical simulations of short-timescale geomagnetic field variations
  81. Sanchez David A., David A. Yuen, Grady B. Wright, Gregory A. Barnett, Jr. High Rayleigh Number Mantle Convectionon GPU
  82. Sharma A.K., Patil A.V. Observation and Analysis of ULF Data Associated with Mb=4.5 Koyna-Warna (India) Earthquake
  83. Sharov N.V. Deep structure and geodynamics of the euro-arctic region
  84. Shliakhovyi Vladimir, Cherniy Vyacheslav, Shliakhovyi Viacheslav Earth's tidal tilt jumps and their relationship to earthquake source's physics
  85. Shumlyanska L.A., Tsvetkova T.A., Tripolsky A.A., Tripolska V.A. 3-D velocity model of the crust and upper mantle of the Ukrainian shield
  86. Sobisevich L.E., Sobissevitch A.L., Kanonidi K.Kh. Ultra Low-Frequency electromagnetic variation observed prior to development of an earthquake followed by tsunami
  87. Sobisevich L.E., Sobissevitch A.L. Study of deep underground structure of mud volcanoes in North-Western Caucasus by means of geological and geophysical methods
  88. Sobolev E.G., Vysotyuk V.A. Current assessment and accounting of geodynamic phenomena in engineering geology with gelogo and geophysical methods of investigation
  89. Starostenko V.I., Gintov O.B., Kutas R.I., Pashkevich I.K. Geodynamics of lithosphere as one of the crucial factors of mineral deposits formation of Ukraine
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  91. Starostenko V.I., Makarenko I.B., Rusakov O.M., Pashkevich I.K., Kutas R.I., Legostaeva O.V. Lithospheric inhomogeneity in the Black Sea from geophysical data
  92. Starostenko V.I., Kuprienko P.Ya., Makarenko I.B., Legostaeva O.V., Savchenko A.S. Variations in the crustal types of the Dnieper-Donets Basin and surrounding areas from 3-D gravity modelling
  93. Stegman Dave, Wouter Schellart, Fabio Capitanio, Rebecca Farrington Plate Tectonics from the Top-down
  94. Suetnova E.I. Dynamic of gas hydrate deposits evolution under subaqueous conditions
  95. Sumaruk Y.P. Secular variations at Ukrainian magnetic observatories
  96. Sumaruk T.P., Sumaruk P.V. Quasi-biennial variations of the solar and geomagnetic activities
  97. Tackley Paul, Takashi Nakagawa, Frederic Deschamps, James Connolly 3-D Spherical models of coupled mantle thermo-chemical evolution, plate tectonics, magmatism and core evolution incorporating self-consistently calculated mineralogy
  98. Tiapkina O., Polunin O. High-quality seismic imaging and interpretation of prospective features in a thrust zone of onshore Ukraine
  99. Timoshkina E., Mikhailov V. Induced small-scale convection in the asthenosphere in continent-continent collision zones
  100. Tsvetkova T. Mantle seismic tomography beneath the East-European Platform
  101. Tyapkin K.F., Dovbnich M.M. The disturbances of the equilibrium state of the rotating Earth and the physical nature of its tectonic activations and modern earthquakes: generality and differences
  102. Usenko O.V. Heat flow pattern and fault structures in Donbas
  103. Vakhnenko V., Vakhnenko O., James TenCate, Thomas Shankland Modeling of the nonlinear resonant response in sedimentary rocks
  104. Vengrovich D. Computer simulation related to salt tectonics in the Dnieper-Donets basin
  105. Vengrovich D.B., Starostenko V.I., Danilenko V.A. Digital modeling of the rift processes in the Dniepr-Donets Basin, Ukraine
  106. Verpakhovska A., Pylypenko V., Pylypenko O. Possibilities of seismic migration for interpretation of wide-angle reflection/refraction profiles
  107. Vsevolod Vladimirov Hydrodynamic-type model of relaxing media
  108. Yegorova T., Yanovskaya T., Gobarenko V., Baranova E. Lithosphere structure of the Black Sea basin from seismic tomography and 3d gravity analysis
  109. Yuen Dave A., Nicola Tosi, Ondreij Cadek Important influences of depth-dependent lower-mantle properties on the formation of a plume-fed asthenosphere in the upper mantle
  110. Zagorodnya S.A., Novikhas M.I., Radchuk I.V., Shevyakina N.A. Current methods of assessment of the Kremechutskiy reservoir basin within Cherkasy region: research of the ecological state of Kremenchug reservoir within Cherkasy region by ERS methods
  111. Zaiets L., Tsvetkova T., Bugaienko I., Shumlanskaya L. Influence of surroundings features on the velocity structure of mantle under South-East Asia from data of seismic tomography
  112. Zankevich B.A., Shafranska N.V. On the problem of correlation between the faults of the Ukrainian Shield and mantle fault zones