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Olexandr Kendzera

Director, Corresponding member of the NAS of Ukraine,
Candidate of Physics and Mathematics Sciences,

Tel: +38(044) 452-06-61


Olexandr Kendzera

I was born in 22 of May 1948 at Sokal of Lviv region of Ukraine. From 1965 to 1971 I studied at Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Drogobich Pedagogical Institute.

Since 1972 I have been working in Geophysical Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, with interruption from 1976 to 1979 for postgraduate course at Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Academy of Sciences of USSR at Moscow.

At 1980 I defended a thesis and obtained a rank of Candidate of Physics and Mathematical Sciences. The subject of My thesis was "The influences of Earth crystal structure on energy flux density in seismic waves".

In 1992 I obtained an Academic rank - senior research officer.

From 1994 to 1997 I was a head of the Carpathian Region' Seismicity Department of Geophysical Institute, which includes 9 seismological, 5 geophysical stations and 2 stations for strain measurements in Earth crust.

Now I am Deputy Director of the Institute.

The sphere of my scientific interests consist of the problems of seismicity, seismic hazard and their connections with geodynamics of Carpathian region.

I am the author of more than 80 scientific papers and 2 monographs. Among them:

  • Kendzera A.V. The method of design accelerograms production by the recalculation from seismic records. - Geophysical magazine, V.9, N: 5, Kiev: Scientific thought, 1987. - P.75-79. (in Russian);
  • Kendzera A.V., Pronishyn R.S., Kostjuk O.P., Rudenska I.M., Ben Ya.A. Seismisity and Seismic Hazard in Carpathian region of Ukraine. //Geodynamics of Europe Mountain Systems. Abstracts. International Symposium, Lviv-Yaremcha, April 10-17, 1994. - Lviv, 1994. - P.27;
  • Kendzera A., Verbitsky S., Pronishin R. Design acselerogram obtaining techniques for power stations in Ukraine. European Seismological Commission, XXIV General Assembly, 1994 September 19-24, Athens, Greece. Abstracts. - University of Athens, 1994. P.106. Alexander Kendzera 1999, 15th of February

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