Geophysical Journal | 2016 volume 38 Ή6

Modelling of the Earth's crust of Ukraine by the results of the magnetotelluric studies using new methods of inversions

© S. Kovachikova, I.M. Logvinov, J. Πεκ, V.N. Tarasov, 2016

Application of ID anisotropic inversion (using methods of stochastic and directional decomposition analysis) and 3D inversion (by thin layer) to magnetotelluric data in the territory of Ukraine allowed to prove quantitatively the existence of conductive objects located at different depths and extending in intersecting directions. The importance of the use of these methods has been demonstrated by examples, linking results in the Carpathians, the Dnieper-Donets Basin, the slope of the Voronezh massif, Ukrainian shield with accommodation areas and areas of specific minerals, seismic and geo- and hydrothermal resources.

Key words: conductivity structure, Earth's crust, Ukrainian Carpathians, Kirovograd anomaly of conductivity, Voronezh massif decline.